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You have probably come here because you saw a flyer somewhere on NMU's campus, or you saw one that we placed on your car or word of mouth. Either way, glad you came to check it out.

What is this all about?

We put together this forum and club to bring together all automotive enthusiasts in the Marquette area. Although it is called NMU Car Club, we welcome anyone to hang out with us, NMU student or not. There are a lot of nice cars around town, and we hope we can get to the point where we all get to know each other, and learn from each other. There is no import/domestic favoritism within the club; we welcome anyone that likes cars. Although you may get some friendly hazing for your automotive taste, don't take it too seriously. We all have our own opinions. A few of our members even own bikes and trucks, so it's not even limited to cars. We started out as a few friends with similar interests, and we hope that we can grow. This club does not charge any fee for membership, all that we ask is if you like what we're doing; throw a couple of bucks over for the server/domain cost.

What we do:

The club does a wide variety of activities. In the coming years we plan on doing some new car test drives, racing (legal of course), community service, cookouts, social gatherings and helping each other learn more about anything automotive related. The club is a great place to meet new students and other car enthusiasts'. We have a lot of events every year that we hope you can join us for!

What we don't do:

There are also several activities that the club does not encourage or condone, such as: Illegal racing, reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence, personal attacks and fighting. Keep in mind you are representing a group that is easily preyed upon by the outside community as a nuisance if we act like idiots. You also represent NMU, remember that when you are driving around! We want everyone to be safe and legal and have as much fun as possible. If you violate these rules, you may be removed from the club. Hope you've got an idea of what we are about here at the NMU Car Club!! Our meeting times this semester are on Mondays at 6:00 usually in the University Center parking lot if it's nice out or in the car club office next to the backroom in the University Center. Remeber to sign up on the forums as it is how we communicate with each other. It's free to sign up! Hope to see everyone there, and on behalf of the NMU Car Club,


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